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El Imperativo

Spanish Imperative

El imperativo is used for commands, requests, or advice. It is not used in all forms; there is a form for tú, vosotros, nosotros, usted and ustedes. 
There is a different way to form El imperativo depending on who the command, request or advice is directed to.

Examples in El imperativo afirmativo:

¡Bebe algo!Drink something! ("you" informal singular = "tú")

¡Eduardo, corre más rápido!Eduardo, run faster!

Señora Matos, ¡compre lo que hay en la lista!Mrs Matos, buy what's on the list!

¡Amigos, bebamos hasta el amanecer!Friends, let's drink until dawn!

¡Vosotros, corred hasta casa!You, run home!

Examples in El Imperativo negativo:

If we want to express a negative command we would use "No" followed by the present subjunctive. For example:

No hables tan rápido. No entiendo nada.Don't speak so fast. I can't understand anything.

Other verbal forms are use for commands, for example the Infinitivo is very common on sign posts, or we can use sentences introduced by "que" followed by El Presente de Subjuntivo as a form of command too.


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