Go from any level to fluent

From your test results, our smart language coach, KwizBot, creates your Brainmap using Artificial Intelligence (AI).

This shows what you know, what you don’t and what you may have mislearned. So no time’s wasted going over old ground. Start new stuff right away and make rapid progress - up to 10x faster according to our students.

KwizbotKwiziq Brainmap

Tailored to you

Based on your Brainmap, we’ll recommend a study programme for you that includes only the topics you need to focus on. There’s no one-size-fits-all.

The lessons are personalised to you and target the gaps KwizBot has identified. Use the engaging content compiled by our native speakers to help master each new topic.

No more bemused looks

Feel like the Spanish just speak too fast? Despair of ever understanding them and being able to reply? We’ll give you loads of practice and equip you for real-life situations.

And if you’re worried you’re making lots of mistakes but people never tell you, KwizBot will point them out so you can really improve. Being fluent need not be impossible!

Easy to find time

Worried you just don’t have time to spend learning a language? The beauty of Kwiziq is you can fit it around your own schedule.

Spend just 10 minutes a day - anytime, anyplace and you’ll soon start to see progress. Research has shown, in fact, that regular, short testing like this improves performance by up to 25%.

Keeps you motivated

Learning a language can be tough. We know that. And so KwizBot makes it fun with his little messages of encouragement.

He’ll also keep refreshing your study plan so there’s always a new challenge to spur you on.

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