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Verbos yo-go (presente subjuntivo)

Spanish yo-go verbs in the present subjunctive

In Spanish, so-called yo-go verbs, which have a spelling irregularly in the present indicative, have that same irregularity in the present subjunctive. The difference is that while in the present indicative only the yo form is affected by this stem change, in the present subjunctive all forms require the stem change. Have a look at these tables showing both the present indicative and the present subjunctive of tener (to have):

(present indicative)
(present subjunctive)
 yo tengo tenga
  tienes tengas

él / ella / usted

tiene tenga
nosotros / nosotras tenemos tengamos
vosotros / vosotras tenéis tengáis
ellos / ellas/ ustedes tienen tengan
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