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Verbos con cambio ortográfico c>zc (presente subjuntivo)

Stem-changing Spanish c>zc verbs in the present subjunctive

In Spanish some verbs ending in -cer/-cir undergo a stem change in the present subjunctive, in a very similar way they do in the present indicative. They will switch the -c for -zc. The difference is that while in the present indicative only the yo form is affected by this stem change, in the present subjunctive all forms keep the stem change.
Have a look at these tables showing both the present indicative and the present subjunctive of conocer (to know/meet):

(present indicative)
(present subjunctive)
 yo conozco conozca
  conoces conozcas

él / ella / usted

conoce conozca
nosotros / nosotras conocemos conozcamos
vosotros / vosotras conocéis conozcáis
ellos / ellas/ ustedes conocen conozcan